Thursday, June 29, 2017

Grooming your parrot

Parrot is one of the most organized birds which can take care of it by itself. A pet owner has to take basic care of the parrot to keep it healthy and beautiful. As we are all busy and have very little time to take care of our pets, so we have to utilize our little time properly, to give the parrot a healthy and a comfortable life. Taking care of the parrots need extra attention due to their unique demand and living style. Parrots by nature are so adorable and can mingle with every one of the family within a very short time. In this article, I will discuss how to groom your parrot properly.

You can groom your parrot following only a few of the things. Taking care of the few factors complete the grooming session of the parrot. Bathing, nail trimming, feather clipping, and molting completes the grooming session of the parrot. Bathing regularly is important while you can do the other things once in a week.


The best way to keep your parrot clean is bathing it every single day. Regular bathing keeps the skin of the parrot moist and feathers of the parrot clean. Parrots usually love to take the deep shower. You can make them the bath in the shallow dish or bowl. The water used for bathing must be clean and warm. After completing the bath of your parrot, you should take necessary steps to dry it up. You can use your hair dryer if your bird is comfortable to make it dry. Though parrots can make it dry by itself, you can keep it in the spotlight so that it gets dry quickly.

Your pet will go through the experience of molting once or twice in a year. It is actually a procedure of growing new feathers. While molting, you should take a close observation to your pet. It may feel discomfort in the whole process. If the condition gets serious and your parrot starts bleeding, it should immediately be taken to the vet to the complete cure.

Nail trimming

Proper nail care is necessary for your parrot. You should trim the nails of your parrots five to six times in a year depending on the growth of the nail. The nails of the parrots tend to grow quickly. If you feel uncomfortable cutting or trimming the nails of your parrot, you can take it to the pet grooming center where they will do the nail trimming with charge.

Feather clipping

The pet owner does the feather or wings clipping for various reasons. If you want to abstain your pet bird from flying high, you can clip the feathers to a reasonable size. However, sometimes it is done for the safety purpose so that the parrot doesn’t get hurt in the cage.

So, these are some important concentration where you need to be concentrated to groom your parrot.  

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